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Lincoln Nautilus 2019 Review and photos

Stylish design carries Navigator gravitas
2.7L turbo V6 is smooth and powerful
Adaptive suspension delivers a cosseting ride
Standard equipment levels are high
Cabin feels dated and there’s plenty of Ford switchgear
SYNC 3 is increasingly falling behind rivals
Even in Sport mode, this isn’t a sporty crossover

Whoever sent the memo that contemporary crossovers required to be sporty left Lincoln off the list, but when it comes to the 2019 Nautilus, that’s no big issue. Slotting into the ever-popular crossover segment as the automaker’s mid-size luxury choice, the Nautilus offers more coaxing style and relaxation from the refreshed second-generation MKX.

The design language of Lincoln has just discovered its way, and it is no exception to the Nautilus. Although it’s obviously associated with its large brother Navigator, the party also brings more curves. The rods over the wheel arches, together with the crooked furrows of the hood, operate in particular well with dark colors, like a bouncer’s biceps, muscularly tight against the glowing Chrome.

It’s not subtle, but it’s still not supposed to be. There are actually areas that I would like Lincoln had honestly gone a little further. It’s like that which would fully elevate the Nautilus above his Ford brothers I still have fever dreams of the Continental’s “chrome ribbon.”

Lincoln Nautilus
2019 Lincoln Nautilus

A mixed bag is the car. The first impressions are strong, just like the Navigator. A little more like Lincoln vehicles from the ancient central cabinet with tulp shapes bracketing button pillars, the Nautilus ‘ dashboard is. The room below is filled with dedicated HVAC checks.

However, there is an unpredictable quantity of plastic when your hands reach touch. No main touchpoint-such as the engines begin button, pick buttons for transmission or audio system dials-is metal; likewise, it is rapidly disclosed that chromium taps under your palms are plastic. Everything looks robust, certain, but hardly premium.

Even in the reskinned form of Lincoln, Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment scheme does little to convince you you to get out of the Edge or Focus. At least you receive both Android and Apple CarPlay assistance. This is the only complete digital instrumentation display that matches the Nautilus billing with smooth fonts and minimalistic gages.

It’s all a pity, because the SUV is good to drive. Lincoln provides a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo or a 2.7-liter V6 engine. The first has 250 hp, while the latter has a thrust of up to 335 hp and a torque of 380 lb. Standard eight-speed drive and the switch between the front wheel and all-wheel drive can be chosen.

2019 Nautilus

It’s a good motor, I spent my time on Turbo V6. The energy supply is clean and the Nautilus can overcome or decrease a quick energy rise if necessary. A sports mode, together with Comfort and Normal, the adaptive suspension–standard in the reserve and in the Black Label–is good only for the avoidance of excessive body spinning at the rear corner. The Nautilus dynamics are not going to intimidate Porsche Macan’s holders.

They’re not really intended to, then again. In terms of cheap beauty, Nautilus 2019 is likely about escaping that Black Label cut with a beginning cost of 56,895 dollars, and keeping to the most accessible designs in the mid-40s. You get warm front seats, 18-inch tires and the aid package Lincolne Co-Pilot360 even on the Nautilus Standard foundation.

Forget to keep up with the sporting crossings and retire to what Lincoln is doing best again. Enjoy the hump, the flexible journey in the cabin, and imagine using the Revel Ultima sound system with 19 speakers and the plush $1,500 Ultra Comfort seats. The only true disadvantage in the sweet, mid-size Lincoln hybrid is refreshing enough that you can likely ignore the old Dashboard.