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Dark Mode Gmail: how to allow

Dark Mode Gmail

Dark mode is a rather new addition to Gmail, and the feature will make an enormous difference to your everyday life. Not only does it appear cool, but when you check your messages at night it also reduces the glare, and it can even save a bit of battery power.

Although iOS 13 and Android 10 have been in place for months, Gmail was one of the last big applications to receive a new color scheme with its systems-wide dark modes.

How to allow dark mode on desktop for Gmail

Go to and click on the’ Configuration’ button at the top right under your profile picture to enable the Dark Mode on the screen. Pick ‘ Themes,’ move through the image and press on the black thumbnail. (When floating on it the word’ Black’ appears).

Gmail for Android how to allow dark mode

You should first look for a’ Download’ icon, while you search the homepage on the Google PlayStore, for the latest Version of the Gmail software. You’re good to go when no such button appears.

If the system-wide dark theme of Android 10 is activated, the device will automatically switch to its new look. Alternatively, the menu icon on the left top can be activated by pressing “Settings” and tapping “General Setting.” In this box you can switch the Gmail subject to light, dark or default system.

Unfortunately there is no dark mode if you’re using Android Pie or earlier, but if you visit in a dark-mode web browser, you may still use Gmail in the dark-mode. This option is provided for Android and Firefox Preview in Chrome.

iOS Activation of Dark Mode

Dark Mode took longer to reach your iOS, and you could not have the option until Apple activates it on the server-side. All users receive this update, but the pace is glacial.

If the phone uses the system-wide dark mode, then the new option is automatically activated. Additionally, you can take it for a ride by taping on’ Options,’ then taping on’ Style’ accompanied by’ Dim,’ the hamburger menu of the Gmail program. Take a look now to find out if it is. If not, maybe a little longer you have to wait.