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Dark Mode on Instagram: How to get easily

Dark Mode

Another dark place for your photos and your images…

Instagram Dark mode can save power (as research from Google has found), making text more easily readable in the evening, and perhaps most importantly, looking cool. IG ModeDark.

Developers have been struggling with new color schemes to update their apps in recent months (all made up by Google Chrome, Facebook and Twitter), and Instagram is the latest to be eligible for the option.

Nonetheless, enabling Instagram to use Dark mode is not as easy as pressing a button in the device. The newest version of the mobile operating system–that is, Android 10 and iOS 13–is expected to be working as the Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri states in a Tweet: Starting today it can be used in darkmode on iOS 13 or Android 10. You can use IG on the iOS 10. Turn your phone to modedark for checking.

If and when that occurs, this article will be revised to provide clear guidance on how to do the move.

Instagram dark mode in iOS

This measures allow you to change your device configuration and use IG in the mode dark if you have an iPhone running iOS 13.

  • Open the settings for your phone
  • Choose ‘Display and brightness’
  • Tap the theme for ‘Dark’
  • Open IG

Instagram dark mode in Android

To enable the dark mode of IG for Android 10 phones, simply follow these four steps:

  • Open the settings for your phone
  • Scroll down to ‘View’
  • Enable the toggle ‘Dark theme’
  • Open Instagram

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