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Facebook: How to remove your profile

Remove your information and remove your file

Deleting your account on Facebook is a very drastic measure, but it’s a quite straightforward process if you decided to proceed.

FB does not want your information to go understandably–you’ve probably noticed that you’ve spent time digging through settings of your account. You can, however, save your personal information, delete it completely from the social media website, with little effort.

Before deleting your accounts, make sure that your family and friends have access to the Groups and Messenger and have an alternative way to get in touch with you. Take note of the important birthday, anniversary and upcoming events, as well as through your friends list. Finally, remember to download your information to ensure that you don’t miss pictures and pictures you posted when you delete your profile.

If you think and are fully nuclear, we will show you, once and for all, how Facebook can be deleted.

Download your information from Facebook

You could have rescued hundreds of pictures and pictures on its websites, as well as thousands of articles and commentaries if you have been using Facebook for several years. FB also stores information on your registration, dates, times and the history of your account status.

Save a copy before you delete Facebook by pressing “Settings” on the down arrow in the title bar of Facebook and “Download copy of your FB information” Before you delete Facebook. When your account is gone, you won’t be able to find it.

Remove your pictures and messages

It can take up to 90 days to delete all your posts and pictures after you delete your Facebook account. You can start by deleting all your information first if you do not want your information hanging around.

Social Book Post Manager is a Chrome plugin that can remove multiple posts from Facebook at once. Use the above directions for backing up your information, then the plugin is installed, connect to your Facebook activity log and select a particular filter (like’ Post marked’).

Then simply click on the Post Manager icon and search for a specific text string and/or date range. You will highlight posts matching your requirements in red and will remove them by pressing on the “Delete” key. Take care – once they have been removed, there is no option to return them.

Delete Facebook

Will FB be ready to banish from your personal story annals? Well, once you’ve backed up your data, go to the deleted account page for Facebook (Facebook doesn’t really want to let this happen, so it’s not easy to access through the settings menu) and choose to “Delete My account” It can take 90 days to delete everything from the FB servers, but from the moment you click this button it will not be accessible.