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Facebook Stories: See the most recent

Facebook stories

Facebook stories are a new way of sharing your experiences. It’s a much more visual way to share your photos and videos and it gives you a cool way of jazzing up.

There are many people on Facebook who are getting their news. The problem, however? Your Facebook feed is jumped up with random post times, which isn’t useful in real-time to keep up with new news.

You might also want to see when your Facebook friends share something right away even if you’re not after the news and stories. Whether visiting your feed you can pick up the posts immediately following the “Most recent” selection.

Stories are indeed another news feed, but they rely on information that is visual rather than written. It adds new filters and effects to the camera and requires you to choose the History section instead of simply post on Facebook.

It depends on the camera so that your phone is a natural home for history. You can post, edit, and create more polished videos on your desktop.

Look at the latest stories

It’s easy to view your feed from recent posts, but you can easily ignore it if your options menu never opens. I saw people scrolling their feed and touching nothing else in the app using Facebook only.

To start, tap the hamburger menu icon at the left of the page and click “Most recent” to open your FaceBook feed, as usual on the main screen.

Your Facebook feed will now reorganize and show you the latest posts instead of a meaningless collection of messages. You can also see articles classified as “Just now” if you do so, which implies you are one of the first users to see the material. Great! Great! You can also refresh the page whenever you like if you wipe the screen anywhere.