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Finest converters PDF to Word

Converters PDF to Word to breeze the editing document

You can save hours of moment and infinite hassle from a Word PDF converter. PDFs are not intended for editing purposes, so the most convenient way to convert it to a Word document is to exchange or extract text or images and open it with your choice of office software.

There are several private programs which can do the work, recognize and retrieve pictures and writing in distinct methods while maintaining the initial format. However, they are not the same, and some applications give outcomes that are far more precise than others.

We have placed the finest PDF converters in Word through their motions to establish which one most faithfully recreates the initial paper. The outcomes of our experiments can be seen on the right and the previews can be zoomed in.

WPS PDF to Word Converter

PDF to Word
PDF to Word

WPS PDF to Word Converter is a developer’s brand fresh instrument behind one of WPS Office’s favourite private studio kits. You have to drag the document to the primary monitor of the software and choose the exportation mode (the DOC, DOCX, and RTF alternatives included) and press’ Start.’

Because it is a computer tool, WPS PDF to Word Converter can be processed in batches much quicker than internet instruments. The new version will transform PDF files up to 5 websites, so you will have to split them into pieces using a device such as the PDFSAM Basic if you wish to conversion bigger files.

We are very impressed about the imported Word papers–the finest of all our PDF to Word converters. Pictures have been properly maintained and matched, document formatted and font designs and weights copied accurately. WPS PDF to Word Converter is the finest instrument, if you want to transform a PDF to an editable Word document.

Wondershare PDFElement

Select ‘ Downloads’ from the bottom of the website panel and pick a variant, based on your working scheme, for either Wondershare or Mac.

Use the free version of Wondershare PDFElement to convert just 5 documents at one time, and you will notice that you will be watermarked in your converted document, but the watermark is only an image above the rest of the page elements, which can be deleted.

Although a number of textboxes and images required some replacement, all content was converted successfully, the page layout remained compatible with the original. We had blended experience with non-standard fonts but in any term handling hardware, these can readily be altered.

If you commonly use Wondershare PDFElements, you will not have to divide the bigger PDF files into 5-page pieces before you convert them.

Free Online OCR

Free Online OCR, as its title indicates, is a internet application with an optical personality identification in PDFs. This is important if you want to transform and edit a written handout from a lesson for instance. It operates with scanned papers as well as initial files.

Only one file at a time, up to 5 GB in volume can be converted to Free Online OCR. Choose your PDF, select a language, select a file, and then register Captcha for transformation starting.

A connection to email the transformed document after a few seconds. In contrast to some Web applications, an email address is not needed, then continue until the connection is provided.

Free Online OCR has done an excellent work in our exams to preserve the formatting of our PDF by displaying documents in editable rows. We were especially struck by the formatting and locking of the picture as a header.

OCR’s limitations were in few places visible–text was not always identified on colored backgrounds and there were several rogue and line breaks-but the Word document would not have to be tweeted much to look near the same as a PDF. Free Online OCR is really stunning–we just want it to be available as a desktop application and we don’t have to upload documents one by one.

Nitro PDF to Word Converter

The Nitro PDF to Word Convert is available in two variants–a Windows computer phone and an internet edition.

Multiple documents can be uploaded and there are many import and export modes available (including Word, PowerPoint and Excel), but important difficulties exist. Unlike Free Online OCR, Nitro PDF to Word Converter contacts you with your modified folder and each e-mail address is restricted to just five document changes per week.

In our converted document, the text was well kept – including the keylines between the columns which were an amazing surprise – but the main image did not overcome the format change. Some stolen rooms and row splits were also present, although properly these would not hold lengthy.


UniPDF is the desktop software which prevents problems of delayed downloads and downloads of Online instruments, so you do not have to rely on a third party to maintain your files secret.

The UniPDF test edition can transform only three websites–you will either have to upgrade or divide your PDF using a device such as PDFsam in order to transform more websites. Then you have to reconvert the subsequent Word files.

In our exams, UniPDF maintained the general appearance, including pictures, of our magazine website but had difficulty with text formatting. The columns went one into another, some of which made it difficult to modify the message transferred to the initial. There were also a few words lacking, which allowed us to have quite a long processing task in order to make the Word document work.