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How do you reinstall Linux in simple steps

reinstall Linux

The moment has arrived when you have to wash and reinstall Linux in your device, to make it brand fresh. But you don’t understand what to do, and where to turn you don’t know.

But careless, this time, I will teach you and reinstall Linux on your PC in a few simple steps and in a smart way.

If everything is accomplished, I’ll follow you in every move and everything you need to prepare.

You can access a ton of distinct Linux distributions, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, CentOS, Debian, openSUSE, to give a few. Now, I will demonstrate you how to deploy Linux using Ubuntu, but not the same, but the same measures will be taken in any of those applications.

I advise to use a USB Flash card for preparing. It is much simpler and quicker to download the picture and burn it to a CD/DVD.

There is an app to create a USB disk that must be downloaded and the .ISO picture from the Linux Distro must be downloaded. I choose Ubuntu again, but anybody you can choose.

You will have to purchase Pendrivelinux on a Windows PC, and you will have to enter UNetbootin if you are on the Mac OS X desktop.

Download the ISO, use the request, log it in, folder and obey the implementation button to install your Linux Distro onto it. Download your Linux Distro.

Reinstalling Linux

Stage 1

reinstall Linux
Reinstall Linux

Plug in and start the USB drive by clicking the button (F2).

Stage 2

You can attempt Ubuntu Linux before installing after booting. If you wish to run around, attempt it, but when you are prepared, press Install Ubuntu.

Stage 3

When charging, click Install Updates. This is an essential move, but I want to do this because the Image (ISO) is generally earlier than many changes so your Linux operating system is kept up to date.

Stage 4

Choose to remove the disk and add Ubuntu. This will remove your hard disk and then put Ubuntu on a newly formatted hard disk.

Stage 5

I’ll use New York for my timezone, but form in your country or city and press Continuation when you have completed it. I’ll do that. Choose your timezone.

Stage 6

Your keyboard layout will be asked by the next display. The styles and variants are distinct (English versus United States versus English versus United Kingdom). I keep my keyboard layout English-US, but go a step further and decide which one suits your favorite one. When finished, click Continue.

Stage 7

Select your title, pick your PC title and code for entry. In addition, I’ll automatically register my Ubuntu.

Stage 8

reinstall Linux

Install! The installer will invite you to reboot after the setup is finished.