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How to connect your phone to your television

View your mobile display with or without Chromecast on a larger display

Your TV is your home’s most significant component to view material such as matches and films, but sometimes those matches and films reside from one monitor to the other? Of course, your mobile has to be connected to your TV.

It’s easy to display your smartphone material on a larger display, whether you use a Chromecast, make your work very simple and wireless, or you’ll literally insert your handset into your TV.

In order to link your mobile with your TV, we’ve created this fast manual to assist you see your matches, films or pictures on your large monitor. One such method requires a Chromecast, so scroll down if you have one, but the first guidance is for you if you have one.

How to connect a phone via wires to your television?

If you are ready and ready to tap on an adaptor, you can connect your mobile into your TV.

Most contemporary devices have a USB-C port, and Amazon is easy for you to purchase an internet USB-C to HDMI. Simply insert the USB-C in your mobile phone with the HDMI in your TV.

Older phones may have a microUSB port, but don’t care, you can also purchase microUSB directly for HDMI cables.

You may have to give approval on your mobile after plugging your smartphone into your TV based on the application, but it should be as simple as clicking the’ yeah,’ or’ acknowledge’ in a timely.

Your TV should now display your display so that the information can be viewed on the large display.

How to attach a device with Chromecast to your TV


Chomecast is one of the most common streaming equipment and allows it simple and most effectively portable to display your mobile on your TV.

The google homes phone you want to link to your TV will also have to be downloaded on the smartphone.

Open the Google Home tool once you’re hooked up and linked to your TV and mobile. Don’t click the phone icon as you would imagine, but effectively tap the top right of the display— a small nose with a ring around it feels as if it’s a little head.

Scroll to’ Additional’ in this panel and’ Mirror Device’ is the first choice. Choose it. You may be told that your phone is not optimized for the environment, but we often made it with state-of – the-art priced smartphones. Ignore it and press’ Accept.’

Now a big blue button can be seen stating “Cast Screen / Audio” that you will, of course, click. If you have already configured your Chromecast, your device will look for neighboring equipments, which should be fast enough. Just choose it, and play it on your television monitor on your mobile monitor!

Please note that you can consume a large battery with Chromecast to attach your telephone to your television, so create sure your computer is fully charged or linked to a socket to see a great deal of contents.