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How to download Instagram pictures from a PC

Using these fast tricks, upload pictures to Instagram from PC

If you understand the correct features, you can upload pictures to Instagram from a PC. You can use a free photo editor intended for desktops instead of fighting with mobile apps. It is very useful.

Instagram finds pictures from your computer incredibly difficult to upload–it is impossible to do it using the new Windows 10 phone, or Instagram. There is also no macOS Instagram phone.

That is an annoyance–especially when you want to publish photographs made with a electronic phone instead of a laptop, or organize your pictures and videos before you upload them with the computer apps.

Luckily it is possible to use a number of convenient methods to upload pictures from your PC or Mac to Instagram. Everything you need is some free software.

Vivaldi Method

Instagram pictures

Vivaldi is the fastest and simplest route to upload pictures to Instagram from PC or Mac with a super-customizable web browser. This is done through a internet page of Instagram’s mobile variant.

Use the wizard to either enter your Bookmarks and display your options, download and deploy Vivaldi, press’ Skip All’ and proceed the standard browser configuration.

Build a internet board

Click on the plus icon on the left side of the browser’s screen to go to and tap on it. The URL is automatically entered in, so you simply press the plus again.

Instagram’s mobile variant will now be shown in a sidebar on the left hand of the browser and will remain there while viewing other platforms. Log in and resize the sidebar until the mobile site is conveniently fit.

Instagram upload

To select a picture from your PC or Mac, apply your filters, attach a title and Tags, then upload it to your database, click on the plus icon at the top of the page.

BlueStacks App Player Method

The Android Instagram software is great and can be executed on your computer using the BlueStacks App Player free Android emulator to allow you to upload pictures from your PC or Mac to Instagram.

Download and insert BlueStacks, pause for the first moment a few minutes. Remove the tutorial from the bottom left with a bar, create sure the correct language is chosen.

Login to your profile in Google

Then login with your Google account, click’ Continue.’ Review delivery conditions and press’ OK’ if you approve.

The next checkboxes are totally mandatory; you can uncheck all checkboxes if you only use BlueStack to upload to Instagram. Then register your names (this will be used only for customizing applications) by clicking the next arrow.

Install the application

You will see a Google Play Store release now. Looking for Instagram, pick the formal device when it arrives (the search bar is in the bottom left), and press Install. The software will ask you to enter your connections and place. Click’ Accept’ if it’s OK with you.

The Instagram icon is displayed in the My Apps tab after just a while. To start it, click it once.

Download, use and exchange libraries

A vertically oriented smartphone is changed in magnitude and form by BlueStacks. Log in with your normal information (login connection is at the top) on your Instagram application. Your record in Instagram will show up on a mobile as it would.

To do so, pick’ Galleries’ from the top of the plus icon. Top-right, press’ Gallery,’ then press’ Pick from Windows’ and pick’ Other.’ Find, pick and press Open the picture you want to upload.

You can now create the image, attach filters and an entry and discover it through the usual social networks with your supporters.