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How to monitor your Android device remotely

Find and even call a missed mobile

You can easily use Google’s FindMy Device, which allows you to directly monitor your Android phone, tap a noise, close it, and delete information if you want, if you lose a mobile or want to monitor it on a mobile registered with your google account.

This wasn’t the first phone tracking undertaking of Google, however, and when you glance at it first it can be a little awkward. So, this manual has been developed to assist you monitor your Android phone or tablet.

Note that this technique doesn’t function always and the device must operate on the message, the information or the place to find a missed device.

Tracking your Android device

The first thing you want to do is go to Find My Device, the page of Google Trackers-whether you’re searching it in Google, or just clicking on the link to reach it.

Next, your email and password are necessary for you to log in to your Google account. So long as you remember them, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Next, the place will show you. At the bottom corner there’s a register of the systems in which you sign up–you probably have just one or two of them, so you’re probably already selecting the correct phone. Otherwise, press here.

Below is a range of mobile choices, but if you just try to monitor a telephone, you may overlook them for now.

Most of this section comes in a large chart, with a tag on it, which will hopefully indicate exactly where your device is. If my device is not able to find your machine, you can retry it by pressing on the picture in the circular arrow, which will advise the tracker to retry. This moment, hopefully, your unit will discover it.

Once you’ve found your mobile, what can you do?


You can readily get it back, prevent crises if you have discovered your mobile!

But you may need to go for your phone to some extremes. Play Sound is the first choice that makes the phone game up to 5 minutes in a siren tone. If someone is close your mobile, this alerts you to the reality that you are looking for it.

The “Secure Device” is used to support the interaction. You can lock your device and log it out. You can lock your device. Including a colleague or relation can email a phone number, you can also send a signal to anyone who discovers a mobile.

But if you have an inkling you may not get your mobile home. Sometimes you may need to bring nuclear option. Device erases all your device from your handset, including logging out of Google, so you can’t go home–it’s an irreversible choice if you press this. Only if you understand that your telephone is unlikely to return.