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About the use of content

Unless otherwise specified, all content and comments outlined in TecnoLatino are under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license, which means that you are free to:

  • Copy, distribute and publicly communicate any of the written posts or comments made in our blog.
  • Give derivative uses, for example, modify it to your needs.
  • Give commercial use to our posts or comments made. For example: you can use a blog post for commercial purposes or be published in a mass media, both newspapers and magazines, or any other category of mass media.

As long as the credits are attributed as follows:

  • If it is in a blog or website, linking to the original article , that is, to the permanent link of the post.
  • If it is a printed medium such as a magazine or newspaper, the text must be accompanied by a note that makes it clear to the reader where you can find the original entry by writing the address of the blog and, if possible, printing the permanent link of the note , as well as the name of the author.

In some cases, we use images that accompany the post to give more emphasis to our annotations, they are taken, in many cases, from the original source and is specified in each post, in other cases, especially when we talk about products, we use the images that the manufacturer makes available to the press. In these cases, the images are not covered by the previously specified license.

More information about the Creative Commons license Recognition 2.5

Full legal text of this license

About the use of the design and logo of our blog

All designs, templates and themes have been created by As regards the logo and images of , they have been created by us and are protected under Copyright , which means that we reserve all rights and can not be used by third parties without our prior permission, unless it is a promotion and / or exemplification, always respecting the estates indicated in the previous clause.

TecnoLatino and Creative Commons

In TecnoLatino we believe that it is good to share and we widely support the development and use of Creative Commons licenses, for this reason we have supported them in everything that we have been able to do.