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Red Magic 3 Review, prices and specs

Interesting additions/changes to Android
Hardware switch launches Game Space 2.0
Fan truly seems to keeps phone from getting too hot
Camera is decent, especially for a single-lens setup
Surprisingly affordable
Case options are relatively slim
No wireless charging

Red Magic 3 is a Nubia’s gaming arm-made gaming telephone. This telephone is a first and second gaming machine. It features a comparatively big screen with no photo hole and strong “4D” haptic feedback, stereo speakers on the front, and a big battery. A games handbook published by any business since the gaming handbook trend started could be the Red Magic 3 with a starting value of roughly $479.

Gaming Hardware

Red Magic 3 game mobile screen diagonally is about 6.65 inches with its title 1080 x 2340 pixels. AMOLED technology is used in this screen board and its look proportion is 19.5:9. The unit has a chip density of 388ppi (frames per inch) due to these buttons and inches of volume.

The display arrives with a Gorilla fiber strengthened crystal screen protection device pre-installed over an unknown batch. Here we have some 90Hz screen intervention–it’s a refresh speed, not a contact screen. In a amount of pre-selected matches and in any game you wish to give the scheme this 90 Hz refresh speed functions.

The Red Magic 3 telephone has an expertise above the remainder, as it is with the screen refreshment winner. If you waste a bunch of moment playing matches, viewing films or typically communicating on your smartphone with press, these refresh prices higher than 60 (these are fairly normal). Now it would be fairly nice if only Red Magic 3 had the choice of staying at the apex of 90.

The screen on this device is large, but the screens are not very thick. Due to the conventional design of the house displays, all the things feel a little too large at the beginning of the mobile. But once we make some changes–for instance Nova Launcher, everything can be the same size as on other phones, making most use of the physical scale of the screen.

Red Magic 3
Red Magic 3

Unfortunately, this tool is the result of the super curved corner phenomenon for hardcore players. This will not seem a adverse factor to most customers, but a strong, triangular screen is the best way to check in if you really hope to benefit from a large screen.

Fortunately, this device does NOT drop prey to the high wave or “slice a gap in the screen for the eye.” This is good for both extreme gamers and all customers. Rather, Red Magic 3 offers the front-facing lens and sensor with enough bezel–providing a flat-sided screen.

Within the cpu (e.g., SoC or system-on-chip) we use Qualcomm SDS855 Snapdragon (previously Snapdragon 855). On this device there’s no microSD card option, so you will be caught with the top out of the door. This implies 64, 128, 256 GB, or 6, 8, or 12 GB of internal storage.

Power is the highest quality! This device is very much like the pure handling strength of Xiaomi Black Shark 2–since they use the same SoC. This Red Magic 3 requires stuff into consideration with a whole number of performance modes. This Black Shark 2 has Ludicrous mode.

Users can, of course, operate Auto, scaling to suit every application’s requirements. They can also go all-out and press’ Super Performance’ on’ GPU Turbo’ or’ CPU Turbo’ as well!

The handling energy you get here is excessive with the apps that are accessible to Android (or any portable device). This is not Crysis. This is not Crysis. I truly bet that this device could perform Crysis, but we still have no excellent justification.

I am mentioning that there may not be a broad range of instances accessible as negatives in this evaluation for this device from third-party producers. This is not an iPhone–people aren’t going to sell their full lives to this one template for their own mobile instances. Red Magic 3 is too niche to play on those who need sufficient instances to justify a 3rd party manufacturer.

The favorable part of components and peripherals is the Nubia / Red Magic add-on software already produced for this phone. We did not have to attempt it unfortunately for us, but there is excellent opportunity in the buttons at the bottom of the device.

Game Space 2.0

This is where the Red Magic Game Space really stands. You’ll join Game Space once you turn the green shutter into the bottom right part of the device. This converts the device from Android to the computer setting of Nubia–a room for playing, where you can put all the keys and motions into your play.

For instance, I usually receive navigation keys when I swipe in from the underside of the device screen. I’m not getting those navigation keys when I swipe in when I’m on this Red Magic 3 device, and the game space button is enabled. I have a game-oriented computer instead.

The pace and efficiency of this gamespace, the ease of release, the ever-present essence of the technology and the perfect application remind me how it felt like using an XBox–all operates there. When most Android gaming equipment is mainly hardware, allowing the company to only operate in Android, Nubia has created a scheme in which software and equipment operate together to create a truly competent environment.

The bumper switches offer me the same robustness impression. When they are enabled and I’m tapping, getting the haptic feedback and seeing them function flawlessly on-screen, I felt like I have a tool whose designers have been devoted to creating a item of high quality.


Contrary to the pattern of the several cameras that most other telephones appear to adhere to, this phone carries a single eye back. It utilizes a 48-megapixel rear-camera sensor Sony IMX586 with aperture of 1.79 ft. Another safety crystal panel with diamonds on bottom–for me, this implies that when it comes to the phone’s manufacturing layout, Nubia does not leave any rock unturned and is valued.

Surprisingly good are the pictures taken by this iphone. I’m surprised because I’m so used to Google Pixel being the only single cameras worth their money. This could well be the only additional single-lens rear-facing camera published in 2019 with a sufficiently good performance, that I would keep regularly in my bag without a further replacement.

The lens is prepared to capture 7680x 4320 images in huge “8 K” output. This is not yet the most wonderful top audio scheme–but just the capacity to record video in that format is a good thing for mobile customers who have considerably more limited display capabilities for hundreds of dollar less than rival devices–if you want 8 K video for any purpose, that is to tell.

The 8 K image captured by this computer is 15 frames a second as well. So it’s not precisely on par with the normal 24fps or 30fps photo recording. It’s all right, just as here the other audio methods are all right. Well enough to get your dog’s clip bouncing over a bracket onto a personal network–it’s all right.


The huge 5020mAh lithium ion cell inside the Red Magic 3 battery with a charge voltage limit of 4,4V is included. Nubia (in their paperwork) is valued at 5000 mAh by battery supporting 30W USB C quick loading. There is no cellular aid for loading –likely because it’s produced of steel and a large LED stripe.

You will go via battery life rapidly if you use the possibilities for GPU / CPU boosting performance mode. You can get one day and a half out of this smartphone if you do not try to run out of the battery as fast as possible.

If you treat the Red Magic 3 as intended, however, like a game machine, you will notice that it lasts at least as long as the Xiaomi Black Shark 2 and around the same as the Razer Phone 2. None of these handsets appear to have any battery life weakness-a surprise reward for gaming telephone, certainly!


Red Magic 3 is a very good gaming device for only $479 USD. It’s supposed to sound like a gaming mobile and behave like a gaming mobile, so it has an LED strap and a whole yellow white accent and a 90hz screen. But this device does not catch its customer into a play-obsessed universe, the lamps can be turned off and you can extend your lives of your battery to a large part by avoiding the possible elevated refresh rate of your mobile until you need it.

Since this mobile mobile offers a startling amount of beneficial characteristics, very little disadvantages and a top-class bundle (including software) I strongly suggest this mobile mobile. Just so soon as you know this device is first created for gambling, all the more seconds–Red Magic 3 is certainly a player-focused device.

Versions of this smartphone include

  • Interior 6 GB Storage + 64 GB RAM Black or Red: $479
  • 12 GB + 256 GB: about $600 USD.