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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ photo leak

Galaxy Note

With most of the spring flagships launched and now on the shelves, it is time to start looking at the fall release slate. One of the biggest phones to launch in the autumn will be the Galaxy Note 10, probably both literally and figuratively. The Galaxy Note 10 has been the topic of a ton of rumors, reports, and leaks over the previous several weeks, real to its status as a Samsung flagship phone.

Some of the more recent rumors have claimed we’re going to see a second Note variant called the Galaxy Note 10 Pro. Of course, that name indicates a bigger screen than the one found on its conventional counterpart and maybe on the inside some more competent internals. Today, a fresh leak sheds more light on this version of the Galaxy Note, while telling us that it will not use the “Pro” nickname as rumored at first.

Instead, a fresh leak from TechTalkTV on Twitter will call the phone the Galaxy Note 10+. One of the spectators of TechTalkTV sent in the flesh some pictures of the alleged Galaxy Note 10+, with one picture displaying the start-up screen of the phone. Instead of the often-rumored “Pro” name, we see it with “Plus” branding.

The images don’t show much in any event–they look like they’ve been taken in a hurry so they’re also a little blurry. That said, we can glean some information from the images, the chief among them being that the front-facing camera cutout was transferred to the device’s center-top. It also seems that only one front-facing camera will be used by the Galaxy Note 10+.

Of course, with the camera’s space cut off from the display, that means thin bezels all around, though the device still has a small chin. Although the back image is the bunch’s most blurry one, it shows a vertical camera array housing three lenses, and the phone itself looks massive.

That’s about it as far as the details from these leaked pictures are concerned, which say nothing about requirements. We’re left wanting more data, as is generally the case with these leaks, so hopefully it’s not long before those details surface.

We’re expecting the Samsung event to arrive on August 7, 2019 for this phone and the normal Note 10. That’ll then propose a preorder date that same week, followed by a release date for Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro early August 2019.