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Samsung Galaxy S20 / Galaxy S11: Prices, specifications

Samsung Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S20 announcement is scheduled to take place on 11 February, and at the company Unpacked event we will probably learn about at least three new phones on that day.

Samsung S20 Mobile, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra are expected to be identified as those three smartphones.

Initially, we consider this to be the Samsung Galaxy S11 line, but the Galaxy S20 series will now be recognized as persistent reports and rumours.

The Galaxy S20 phone is now mentioned on even the Samsung page, so it is highly probable that these will not carry the Galaxy S11 name, as we originally expected to.

It is possible also we will see the introduction of a new foldable phone that will also leak dense and easily the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Below we bring all the convictions together about the Samsung S20 Galaxy series so far and all the verified details with the most relevant reports and rumors.

You will find our list of improvements to the phone range, which is focused on facets of Samsung Galaxy S10, SAMSUNG Galaxy note 10, Samsung Galaxy A80 and Galaxy FOLD, if you move on to page two of this post.

The latest leak: a live photo of the online Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra gives us a feel for the rear of the device. In the camera segment below you can find out about it.

Tuesday, February 11 in San Francisco is rooted in the Samsung Galaxy S20 launch date. Over a year has passed before Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Flagship Trio for 2019.

When will the S20 be available for purchase? You will be informed that the phone will be shipped on 6 March, if you pre-register your interest on the Samsung platform for your next cell phone. This tends to be the day of publication worldwide.

Galaxy S20 Price

Previously, the Samsung Galaxy S11 pricing was supposed to be close to the Galaxy S10 launch price of USD 899. The quality went up to USD 1,149 best for its lowest storage size.

This is still possible, according to one great leak, which indicates that the Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus are in 4 G and 5 G version, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra is in the 5 G range.

In the last weeks, we have seen several leaks, mostly for Eu rates, US prices and last leaks at UK prices, and we have compiled details in an easy to read graph (plus our latest Australian estimates) below.

Don’t take these values as orthodoxy because it’s not obvious that these releases are true, plus changes that are only useful, so that when the phone is in the store, they can be much different.

In addition to the Galaxy S11 series ‘ introduction, the Apple AirPods Pro, renamed Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, might also be followed by new premium bluetooth earpieces. Since the first Galaxy Buds were unveiled together with the Galaxy S10, it makes sense for the next Samsung smartphone to release the new ones.

Samsung Galaxy S20

We have now seen plenty of published Samsung Galaxy S20 series returners and all of them obviously have the same overall idea, even though there are differences between many of them.

We began watching the Samsung Galaxy S11 images from November 2019. Below you can find the best pictures we have ever seen, which we believe to be accurate.

Most of the signals refer to a large bump at the left top of the phone’s rear cameras. Nevertheless, their exact arrangement is not clear: some shows them in an ordered row and other ones lead to a messy break.

Hands-on photographs of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus meanwhile, as the leak is called, make us clear that the lenses and flash in the camera bump are positioned in two groups, as the photos show. The kid below the computer seems to be extremely thick.

As shown in the image above, the sensor arraying is mounted in rectangular blocks instead of a set, and you also have a pair of Galaxy Buds Plus wireless earphones tossed in if you pre-order the S20 Plus and S20 Ultra.

A subsequent leak from another screen cover indicates that the system will have thin bezels, although the leaker states that the’ S11 is very positive and that it may have thicker bezels than the pictures show.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 has also been notified that it is capable of moving the punchhole camera into the top center of the display, much as the Galaxy Note 10 series has since been seen in leaked images.

Galaxy S20 display

A major improvement of the Galaxy S20 series could be a 120Hz on-screen refreshing feature for better experiences than the 60Hz on the S10 line.

We have seen a few leak from the device, but perhaps the best proof yet is an XDA Developers Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus with video proof of a higher phone usage.

No guarantee is included on all devices, but at least the Galaxy S20 Plus looks very likely.

It also happens that only when the handset has a maximum HD+ display is enabled the 120Hz mode.

Camera Galaxy S20

We expect some impressive camera equipment in Samsung’s Galaxy S20 range, but the S20 and S20 Plus will definitely differ a little from the S20 Ultra.

We have seen an incredibly thorough spec dump, which reveals details about the camera from three outlets at the same time, which offers us a huge peek at what to assume, if it is real.

To the list that was not the above-mentioned leak but the next one we have applied the selfie camera count. The second leak illustrates the camera’s test by inserting a megapixel resolution of the selfie camera.

These are quite impressive specs if real, although the telephoto sensors on the lower end system are interesting.

We learn about several zooms cited for images, but for the Galaxy S20 and the S20 Plus it looks 3x optical/30X digital, and for the S20 Pro it seems too good to be true, with a whopping 10x optical / 100x digital.