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Top Video Converting Tools

It may sound hard to convert the format that videos are in, but there are actually loads of nice, easy-to-use instruments that can assist today. You shouldn’t have any issue converting video formats rapidly if you choose the correct one.

The greatest challenge you are likely to face is simply selecting which instrument to use for video conversion seeing tons of alternatives are accessible. Starting with the top instruments in the list below is one way to decide more readily.

Video Converting

Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is because of its broad spectrum of formats and user-friendly interface, it is one of the most common video converters. It has characteristics that allow you to download and transform internet videos, as well as several fundamental editing instruments.

There are both free and premium choices for the software. The former limits the duration of the video and has ads, while the latter has no limitations and includes features for removing DRM and converting videos into batches.

Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is it is a web-based converter with 17 distinct formats of video and audio. Its clean and simple interface makes it easy to use, and you can quickly upload and convert any video, as long as it’s less than 100 MB.

Overall, if you just want to transform a specific video, but prefer not to download or install software, this is the most convenient alternative. Since it is web-based, it can be used without any problems on desktops or mobile devices.


HandBrake is it is widely referred to as one of the finest free video format converter software. It supports the most popular video formats despite being free and open-source, and offers one of the most extensive profile choices for different applications and platforms.

The software characteristics make it even more impressive and offer countless encoding configurations including subtitle, chapter, and video filter choices. That being said, the software itself is not very user-friendly and is confusing about its interface.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is it’s a common and widely used video converter that supports most formats and has multi-device profiles. Its characteristics will allow you to upload and transform internet videos from URLs and edit videos using fundamental instruments.

Despite its free version, which provides complete access to its characteristics, it has some constraints–the most notable of which is the intrusive branding on converted videos. You will need to upgrade to the premium version to remove this branding, which will also remove advertisements and enhance the conversion velocity.

See how distinctive is each of the instruments in the list? If all you want to do is convert video formats and you don’t mind a steep learning curve, try out HandBrake to begin. Any Video Converter or Freemake Video Converter may be a better fit if you think you need more extensive characteristics.

If you just want to transform a brief video clip or two rapidly, it’s difficult to beat the comfort of using Online Video Converter–and it’s going to get the work done much faster overall.

In any event, you should certainly be able to locate a tool that suits your needs from the above list to convert videos.